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As a System's Integrator and Reseller, we offer solutions from some of the world's leading innovators in Telco and Marine.
Realtime Device Detection.

Detect, Identify, Provision and Block devices and SIMs – all in realtime. Use realtime device demographics to direct network investment or targeted marketing campaigns. Dynamic Number Assignment offers your customers a choice of MSISDNs. The active steering personalised roaming solution extends your marketing reach to inbound and outbound customers.

Marine Fleet Ops Management made Simple.

MXSuite offers a cloud-based structured approach to Marine Fleet management. With MXSuite, Shore-based managers can actively plan and monitor all required vessel operations processes including maintenance, vessel management, HSE and crew-related processes. We can also help you automate the exchange of VDR information for Operators such as Petronas. Contact us to find out more.