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Tec-Surf is a systems integrator and consultancy focused on the mobile Telco market in Asia. We prime Telco-grade projects and services on a turnkey or managed service basis.

Established in 2004 by an experienced management team from the international vendor and operator community, our core strength lies in the deployment of new technical solutions, guiding these solutions through the Requirements Matching, Proof-of-Concept & RFP phases, as well as working with the end customer to develop the relevant internal procurement models.

Over the years, we have developed significant competence in SS7, integrating service platforms to a number of CS and PS networks (including LTE) from all major network vendors. We also have experience in the manipulation of Large Data Sets (typically Subscriber Databases). We have successfully completed projects for operators in Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan, whilst we have provided technical and commercial support to partners for projects in Indonesia, Japan, Nigeria and Sri Lanka. In Malaysia, we have provided products and services to Ericsson and Alcatel.

We have provided consulting services for a number of Blue Sky commercial viability studies including: cdma450 (technology from Norway) for East Malaysia, HAPS (technology from Russia) for tropical latitudes, MVNO models for New Market Entrants (Media), Network-centric VPN Blackberry replacement service (technology from Ireland), water-cooled servers (technology from The Netherlands) in DataCentres.

We complement our full-service approach with a combination of investment and strategic partnerships in Asia, Australia and Europe.

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