As Data Services consume the operational resources of your organization, do you face these challenges ?


Roaming Bill Shock

Do your customers turn off data roaming to avoid Bill Shock ?

Enterprise Data Optimization Service

My Enterprise customers are demanding greater visibility and control of their mobile data spending !




How can we make money from the Internet of Things?

Smart Device Demographics

How fast is our latest smartphone promotion being taken up by our customers?

Customer Experience

Many customers complain their Data service is too slow but we can't replicate the problem ?


We can help you with all of the above challenges, plus many more. Since 2004, we have constantly sought to identify and solve problems that are usually beyond the scope of the major NEP vendors. Our focus is on finding innovative solutions from our extensive network of international technology partners and introducing these ideas to operators across Asia. During this time we have built a solid track record of solution delivery and ongoing service management in Malaysia, Philippines and Afghanistan. As a solution partner we have successfully managed and deployed Live Solutions and PoCs for companies such as Actix, Asavie, Synapse and Cellmax.

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